UNITED MASTERS ELECTROMECHANICAL is an offshoot of the parent company "ENGINEERING CONTRACTING CO., L.L.C" and has been operating under their patronage for the last 21 years. It has carried out several prestigious projects over this period and has earned a good reputation in the market. Only on 2006, it was given a new name "Dubai Masters Electromechanical, LLC" for licensing purposes. In 2010 it is named as "United Masters Electromechanical, LLC".
United Masters L.L.C. offers the following services:
Abstract Design and Design Development
Procurement & Inspection
Project Management
Testing & Commissioning
Operating & Maintenance
Our Contracting Division Specializes in the following Services:
Air Conditioning & Refrigeration System, Ventilation System, Air Distribution, Chilled Water Piping, Air Treatment, Building Automation, Monitoring & Controls, Chemical Treatment, Heating & Hot Water System, Plant & Machinery Installation
Power distribution System, Lighting, Fire Detection & Alarm System, Communication System, Security Systems, Aircraft Warning Lights, Audio Video Systems, Generators and UPS, Control Systems, Earthing & Lightning Protections
Potable Water (Booster/Transfer Pump) System, GRP Water Tank & RCC Water Tanks, Hot Water (Standalone Water Heater, Solar Heating, Boiler & Calorifier) System, Water Filtration & Treatment System, Drainage (Waste, Sewerage & Storm) Water System, Grey Water Treatment System, Sanitary Wares and Accessories Installation, LPG System, Fire Fighting System-Fire Fighting Protection (Sprinkler & Hose reel) System, Fire Suppression (Clean Agent, FM 200, Pre-Action System, Foam & Water Mist System, Deluge Water Fire Suppression System) & Fire hydrant System
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